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Bigtrak is back! You might remember having one of these in the early 80's. Retro and cool but updated for the 21st Century! If you are of a certain age, you either owned one or wanted one. It is also a great educational toy for children.

This programmable educational toy is a six-wheeled tank with a front mounted blue photon beam headlamp used for firing. The centre wheels are driven by two motors to allow change of direction. Use the 23-button keypad to enter instructions for Bigtrak. Where do I want Bigtrak to go? In what direction? How many units will it take to reach my goal? When do I want Bigtrak to fire? Do I want Bigtrak to return to me along a different course? With a 16 command memory, Bigtrak will execute 16 commands in one sequence, e.g. 'go forward 5 lengths', 'pause', 'turn 30 degrees right', 'fire phaser' and so on. There is a 'repeat' instruction allowing simple loops.

Bigtrak appeared in the movie, ET, alongside Drew Barrymore!

Re-live your childhood with the brand new 21st century Bigtrak!  A real 80's retro boys toy!

Want to hear the noises? Click these links: Fire phaser and end sequence.

Keypad Commands:-

Forward/Backward, Left/Right, P - Pause, Photon Symbol - Fire, CM (Clear Memory), CE (Clear Last Step) x2 (Repeat Steps), Test, Tick (Check Last Instruction), Out, Go.


Sample 1
Go forward 5 lengths, Pause, Turn 30 degrees right, Fire phaser, X2

Sample 2
Turn left 90 degrees
Go backwards 3 lengths
Fire phaser
Go forward 6 lengths
Fire phaser
Turn right 180 degrees

Carton dimensions: 54 x 36.5 x 20cm
Outer carton: 4pcs

Requires 3 x D batteries (not included).

Product Information
Part Number : BIGTRAK
Quick Find Code : 30029
Inner Carton Quantity : 4
Outer Carton Quantity : 4
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