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Bigtrak XTR


In 1982 Bigtrak was released as a high tech toy for the 8bit generation - now 20 years later and it is back for the Net generation!
Capitalising on super high tech, no other toy can match XTR's capabilities for the same low price! Out of the box you have a 6 wheeled, foot long programmable rover with tonnes of exciting features. Take control from the keypad, or with your smartphone (iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android) also connect to you computer and drive XTR with a joystick! Expand XTR with accessories such as the wireless camera, missile launcher or lightbar for night driving. See what the camera attached to XTR sees, using the computer command center. Record and playback movment scripts for the ultimate in mission plannig and execution! Bigtrak XTR's only limit is the users imagination!

• Robotic rover
• Send bigtrak XTR on a mission by entering commands in to the keypad
• Connect bigtrak to a computer using the comp module
• Control bigtrak with your iPod, iPhone and Android
• Wireless camera module can be added; see what bigtrak see’s
• Intelligent loading bay


Product Information
SKU # : CE4285
Part Number : CE4285
Quick Find Code : 30031
Inner Carton Quantity : 4
Outer Carton Quantity : 4
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