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Craft Beer Shots

The microbrewing movement began in the United Kingdom in the 1970s, and typically relates to a brewery that produces a limited amount of specialised beer. This quickly expanded to Germany and Belgium, and more recently to the USA and other countries. The microbreweries quickly expanded their range and distribution, and in the USA the concept of Craft Beer was formed, referring to the beer from a microbrewery.

Craft beer can be quite strong, typically having >5% ABV. So the concept of these Craft Beer Shots was developed, to allow you to taste small quantities of different types of beer. Supplied as a set of four glasses, which are shaped to look like a traditional pint glass, wheat beer glass, pilsner glass and chalice.

Product Information
SKU # : UTS-3-BR-0272
Part Number : UTS-3-BR-0272
Quick Find Code : 30308
Inner Carton Quantity : 6
Outer Carton Quantity : 24
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