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The Pink Toolkit - End Your DIY Nightmares

    A real box of delights! The Pink Toolbox itself is a robust carrying case that has an integral handle and secure closing mechanism. Even though it's small and compact, it's packed with all the equipment shown below. 
If I had a hammer... This little beauty may be small but she packs a heavy punch: enough to drive nails into just about anything you'll need to, without weighing so much you can barely lift it. 

All the screwdrivers you'll ever need! 4 screwdrivers in one. You've got Phillips, Pozidrive, Broad flat, and Narrow flat, all in one easy to swap handle. The tips are magnetic, to help prevent screws dropping off and getting lost. 

Whilst not recommended for DIY dentistry, these special Pink Toolbox pliers will come in handy for many other things around the home. Their steel jaws are tough enough to tackle the most tenacious of stuck objects.

No more will you be frustrated with those irritating little Allen bolts! They're found on items from mountain bikes to Ikea furniture. This set of Allen keys will undo them with ease and tighten them back up again afterwards.

For the other more regular kind of nuts and bolts, we've included this versatile adjustable wrench. It can tighten dripping taps, and loosen stuck and rusted bolts. 

Where are the scissors when you need them? In the Pink Toolbox of course! This pair will tackle anything from paper to cloth with ease. 
Sometimes even the Pink Toolbox scissors aren't up to the job. Step up the disposable craft knife! Sharp as a razor, this tool will safely cut through anything from card to floor vinyl. Just mind your fingers!
Your DIY skills may not leave you feeling very level headed, but at least you've now no excuse for anything else being wonky!

Use this spirit level for checking whether the picture you've just hung with the Pink Toolbox's hammer and nails is straight or even if the row of bricks you've just laid is level and true. It even has a magnetic base to hold it steady when levelling metal objects. 
With 5 metres of tape coiled up inside, the Pink Toolbox Tape Measure certainly measures up to the job.

Complete with a lock and self recoiling mechanism, this device is a true essential in the Pink Toolbox armoury.
Hang those pictures that have been hiding under the bed since your last trip to Ikea with the Pink Toolbox bits and bobs collection.

We've even thrown in a few fuses for good measure, just in case you blow any on your next DIY effort!

Product Information
Part Number : TPTK
Quick Find Code : 30066
Inner Carton Quantity : 2
Outer Carton Quantity : 2
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